Car Repair in Worcester Park includes Wheel Alignment and Tyre Balancing

It’s always good to reply on a car repair service for keeping everything in balance, especially your tyres and wheels. We, at Elwood Vehicles, provide car repair services in Worcester that also includes wheel alignment and tyre balancing. You never know when your alignment can be affected, whether you bound into a pothole or unexpectedly strike a kerb. Therefore, it is important, if not imperative, to get your tracking checked on a routine basis in order to avoid wear to your tyres and poor fuel economy.

Keep Your Wheels Aligned

You can tell if your wheels are out of alignment by a number of tell-tale clues. For example, if your vehicle pulls to one side while you are driving, your tracking has been compromised. You can also tell that the alignment is skewed if the steering is not centered although you are driving straight ahead. Tyres wear out unevenly and quickly if the tracking has not been adjusted. That presents a safety hazard – all the more reason to reply on us for tracking, tyre balancing or any car repair service in Worcester Park.

Tyre Balancing – One of Our Specialties

We can make the appropriate tracking adjustments so the wheels meet the car manufacturer’s specs, all which will ensure an extra measure of safety, better wear of the tyres and improved fuel economy. Naturally, at the same time, we will check the wear of your tyres. If uneven wear is indicated, we will check the tread, make the appropriate replacements and balance all four tyres to lessen wear-and-tear.

Drive Over The Roadways With Ease

Driving is smoother and easier when you leave car repair in Worcester Park to us. We offer all-inclusive car repair services to local residents, including diagnostic checks, brake inspections, and MOT testing for cars, vans and minibuses.

Class 5 MOTS in Stoneleigh Reduces the Cost of Vehicle Repair

We, at Elwood Vehicles, know all there is to know about car repair as we provide all classes of MOTS testing, including Class 5 MOTS in Stoneleigh. The MOTS test is conducted once a car turns three years old to make sure that it meets the requirements for roadworthiness, safety and exhaust emissions testing.

What Does Class 5 MOTS Cover?

The Class 5 MOTS in Stoneleigh that we offer covers private passenger vehicles and ambulances that feature 30 to 16 passenger seats or more than 16 passenger seats. The Class 4 MOTS covers vehicles that hold up to 8 passengers.

MOTS Testing – How It All Began

The current Class 5 MOTS in Stoneleigh as well as the other Class division MOTS that are conducted are vastly different than the MOTS tests that were first introduced in 1960. At that time, the tests, which were introduced by the Minister of Transport, Ernest Maples, basically covered testing for a car’s brakes, lighting and steering. The test, also aptly known as the “Ten Year Test,” was conducted after the car owner had driven his vehicle for 10 years.

We Can Help You Drive More Safely and Economically

Here, at Elwood Vehicles, we use the latest innovations in diagnostic and testing equipment to ensure each vehicle inspection or test is complete and correct. Because of the technology, we are able to help motorists keep their repair costs down and drive more safely over the roadway. That’s why we are committed to providing a full array of car repair and preventative car care services.

Full Service Repair and Maintenance

Our full service repair and maintenance offerings include checking a car’s brakes, tyres, wheels and engine motor and parts. Not only do we service cars, we also repair or maintenance vehicles such as vans, moor homes and buses.