The Difference Between Car Service and Car MOT’s in Worcester Park

We at Elmwood Vehicles provide both car servicing and car MOT in Worcester Park, which often causes customers to ask us what the difference between the two services is. While both have the common goal of keeping your vehicle in roadworthy condition, there are some key differences:

What Is the Car MOT?

Depending on where you live within the UK, any vehicle which is over three or four years of age must pass the car MOT test. Testing for Car MOT in Worcester Park is performed by trained professionals such as us here at Elmwood Vehicles, and it is done to ensure two key elements:

  • The test proves that your vehicle is safe
  • The test proves your vehicle meets environmental standards

When we perform Car MOT in Worcester Park, we look at a variety of components, including:

  • General car body and structure checks
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Exhaust and emissions
  • Seat belts
  • Corrosion checks

Where Car MOTs and Servicing Differ

An MOT test is used only to inspect your vehicle. Our MOT testers, as well as those from other garages, are unable to dismantle or strip any of the components of your vehicle during the testing.

In some situations, a car MOT may force a vehicle owner to invest in car servicing and have certain repairs done in order to legally drive their vehicle within the UK. In many instances, the MOT test will indicate a potential issue with the vehicle though it may be one which does not affect the passing of the test. These issues can often be resolved by a car servicing.

Given that an MOT test and a vehicle servicing often check the same elements of a vehicle, we often recommend that our customers book a testing and service together. This may not only save you money, but it will also save you another trip to the garage over the following months.

Going for a Car MOT in Worcester Park- Things to Consider

The car MOT is one of the most important tests for vehicle owners in the United Kingdom. If you own a car, minibus, motorhome or a van that is over three years old, you will need to take your car in for a MOT every year. MOT stands for the Ministry of Transport Test. The test is usually designed to examine different parts of a car, such as its brakes, exhaust and emissions, seat belts, corrosion checks, etc. The main aim of the test is to make sure that the car is in working condition and does not pose a threat to the driver or passengers.

We offer car MOT testing in Worcester Park. Elmwood Vehicles is authorized by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, which issues the certificates upon the successful completion of the MOT. Over the years, we have carried out MOTs for hundreds of vehicles, ranging from cars to minibuses and motorhomes. Going for a car MOT in Worcester Park is very easy, thanks to our professional services. Apart from top-notch repair services, we will also test your car on par with government standards. Here are a few things that you should consider before bringing your car in for a MOT:


Obviously, we suggest bringing your car in for a thorough check-up beforehand. This way, we can help tune up and repair every part of your car, such as the brakes, suspension systems, seat belts or any other problem. Our job is to put your ride in the best possible condition before you bring it for a car MOT in Worcester Park.

Schedule Your Appointment

Car Mot can take time. You can contact us directly in order to get appropriate information or book a date beforehand. Elmwood Vehicles makes it easy for our customers to plan for the MOT accordingly.

My Vehicle Failed the Class 5 MOT in Stoneleigh Because of the Tyres. How Can I Prevent This in the Future?

If you failed your Class 5 MOT test in Stoneleigh for any reason, unfortunately you will need to obtain a retest. If you bring your vehicle back to us within ten working days, only a partial retest will be needed into getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

The Statistics

According to information released under the Freedom of Information Act, in 2013 alone more than 2.2 million vehicles failed the MOT as the result of illegal or unsafe tyres. The safety of drivers on the motorways is dependent a large part on tyres, and they are one of the easiest car parts to check yourself.

How to Tell When Tyres Need Replacement

When you are uncertain about whether or not your tyres need to be replaced because of wear, bring your vehicle in to Elmwood Vehicles Ltd before your next Class 5 Mot in Stoneleigh needs to be done, and we will be able to do a full inspection for you. If you feel confident enough to judge the safety of your tyres at home in between your service appointments with us, here is a quick way to test for yourself:

  • Place the vehicle on a flat surface and take out a 20p to use as a measuring tool.
  • Put the 20p flat in the groove of the tyre.
  • Try this in several different areas on each of the four tyres. If the outer edge of the coin is visible, your tyres may be illegal due to wear and they will require a greater braking distance.

Driver safety is the responsibility of everyone, and part of that is taking the Class 5 MOT test in Stoneleigh and passing it successfully. Our experienced and professional staff can help!

Class 5 MOTS in Stoneleigh Reduces the Cost of Vehicle Repair

We, at Elwood Vehicles, know all there is to know about car repair as we provide all classes of MOTS testing, including Class 5 MOTS in Stoneleigh. The MOTS test is conducted once a car turns three years old to make sure that it meets the requirements for roadworthiness, safety and exhaust emissions testing.

What Does Class 5 MOTS Cover?

The Class 5 MOTS in Stoneleigh that we offer covers private passenger vehicles and ambulances that feature 30 to 16 passenger seats or more than 16 passenger seats. The Class 4 MOTS covers vehicles that hold up to 8 passengers.

MOTS Testing – How It All Began

The current Class 5 MOTS in Stoneleigh as well as the other Class division MOTS that are conducted are vastly different than the MOTS tests that were first introduced in 1960. At that time, the tests, which were introduced by the Minister of Transport, Ernest Maples, basically covered testing for a car’s brakes, lighting and steering. The test, also aptly known as the “Ten Year Test,” was conducted after the car owner had driven his vehicle for 10 years.

We Can Help You Drive More Safely and Economically

Here, at Elwood Vehicles, we use the latest innovations in diagnostic and testing equipment to ensure each vehicle inspection or test is complete and correct. Because of the technology, we are able to help motorists keep their repair costs down and drive more safely over the roadway. That’s why we are committed to providing a full array of car repair and preventative car care services.

Full Service Repair and Maintenance

Our full service repair and maintenance offerings include checking a car’s brakes, tyres, wheels and engine motor and parts. Not only do we service cars, we also repair or maintenance vehicles such as vans, moor homes and buses.

Finding the Right Company for Your TVR Car Repair in Kingston

The TVR British car manufacturing company is responsible for the production of many top-of-the-line sports cars, from convertibles to coupes. Each vehicle in their line is designed to be lightweight to allow greater speed and a smoother ride. TVR sports cars also house powerful engines to give you the ride that you have always dreamed of.
If you are a driver of a TVR sports car it is highly likely that you spent quite a bit of money to purchase your TVR. After spending this kind of money, why would you trust the repair of your sports car to just anyone? You should seek out a company that specialises in TVR car repair in Kingston and surrounding areas to ensure the well-being of your car.

Why You Need a Professional

You do not want to trust just anyone with your TVR sports car. They often house large, powerful engines. These engines are often complex in design and require special work for repairs. They also have very detailed bodywork. At Elmwood Vehicles, we realise the importance of proper service to your expensive investment. This is the reason our mechanics offer car repairs in Kingston and surrounding areas are highly trained in working specifically with TVR vehicles. We are experts in the area and will make sure that your sports car gets the care that it needs.

Our Services

At Elmwood Vehicles, we do not specialise in just TVR sports car engines. We also specialise in general TVR and other car repairs. Some of our other services include MOT inspection, brakes, engine service, wheel alignment, tyre replacement, clutches, diagnosis of problems, and car repair. Our knowledgeable staff completes each of these services with the highest quality and efficiency that you could expect of a Kingston car repair company.

Requirements of the Surrey MOT Test

The MOT test is designed to ensure your car is road ready. It is important to meet its requirements to legally drive your vehicle on the road. It tests your car for safety for both you and your riders, and the environment. At Elmwood Vehicles we understand the importance of making sure your car is safe for the road and the environment. We offer MOT testing in Surrey and nearby areas to ensure your vehicle is road ready. Our services are available for motor homes, mini buses, vans, sports cars, and other vehicles. If it is found that your car does not meet the proper standards, we have the diagnostic skills, tools, and knowledge that is necessary to ensure your vehicle can pass.

Requirements to Pass

There are several requirements that a car must meet to pass Surrey MOT standards. Externally, there should be no excessive damage to the body and structure of your vehicle. We also check for signs of corrosion that could affect safety. Some of the road safety qualifications include functioning seat belts, tyres, suspension, brakes, signaling, lighting, and steering. We also ensure the driver has a proper view of the road by checking mirrors, windscreen, and wipers. To meet environmental standards, your car must not produce harmful exhaust and emissions.

Making the Repairs

Regardless of the reason, your vehicle is not meeting the Surrey MOT test standards; our skilled team of professional can do more than just fix your car. We can ensure that it is functioning at its highest potential. At Elmwood Vehicles we can perform diagnostics and make necessary repairs. Why should you shop around for your MOT needs? We can be the only stop you need for MOT testing, diagnostics, and repairs in and around the Surrey area.