Car Wheel Alignment and Tracking

Wheel alignment can be affected by hitting kerbs or potholes, as well as by more serious incidents or long-term car problems, so it’s good to get your wheel alignment (otherwise known as “tracking”) checked regularly to avoid poor tyre wear and poor fuel economy.

Signs that your wheel alignment might need attention include:

  • your car pulls to one side
  • your steering wheel isn’t centred even though you are driving straight
  • your steering wheel vibrates
  • your tyre wear quickly
  • your tyres are wearing out unevenly

Wheel alignment from Elmwood Vehicles in Surrey will adjust the angles of your car wheels to the car maker’s specification, ensures that your wheels sit straight and that driving is easier and safer, with less tyre wear and better fuel economy.

Phone Elmwood Vehicles today to book a wheel alignment.  Phone 020 8394 2847 or contact us here to make a booking.

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