Beware of Poor Car Repair in Worcester Park

If you own a vehicle, then you undoubtedly already know how costly car repair in Worcester Park can be. While this may inspire some to search for the lowest price, it may also result in poor workmanship or even turn your vehicle into a safety hazard. We at Elmwood Vehicles encourage price comparisons, but this shouldn’t be the only factor taken into consideration. To save yourself a headache and potentially more money in repairs, look for mechanics who offer the following:


Before allowing anyone to perform car repair in Worcester Park, make sure they are certified. Certification proves that the mechanic has been professionally trained and is capable of repairing you vehicle.

Guarantees and Warranties

Whenever in need of car repair in Worcester Park, choose a mechanic that offers a warranty. Our team of professionals are proud of their work and stand behind it, which is why we offer warranties on the work we do on your vehicle. Make sure that the warranty is in writing (never rely on a verbal agreement) and read the fine print. Most warranties should last for 90-days or more.

Informative and Educational

What we like to do here at Elmwood Vehicles is educate our customers so that they can make the best decision for their budget and their vehicle. Our customers are advised of exactly what the problem with their vehicle is, how it can be solved, and leave it to them to decide whether they would like the repair done or not.

A poor car mechanic, on the other hand, will use pressure tactics. They will attempt to scare you into paying for additional work or having work performed on you vehicle far sooner than necessary. If you’re feeling pressured by the mechanic, seek a second opinion and choose a mechanic that is more interested in keeping your vehicle safe and reliable, and less interested in your pocketbook.