My Vehicle Failed the Class 5 MOT in Stoneleigh Because of the Tyres. How Can I Prevent This in the Future?

If you failed your Class 5 MOT test in Stoneleigh for any reason, unfortunately you will need to obtain a retest. If you bring your vehicle back to us within ten working days, only a partial retest will be needed into getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

The Statistics

According to information released under the Freedom of Information Act, in 2013 alone more than 2.2 million vehicles failed the MOT as the result of illegal or unsafe tyres. The safety of drivers on the motorways is dependent a large part on tyres, and they are one of the easiest car parts to check yourself.

How to Tell When Tyres Need Replacement

When you are uncertain about whether or not your tyres need to be replaced because of wear, bring your vehicle in to Elmwood Vehicles Ltd before your next Class 5 Mot in Stoneleigh needs to be done, and we will be able to do a full inspection for you. If you feel confident enough to judge the safety of your tyres at home in between your service appointments with us, here is a quick way to test for yourself:

  • Place the vehicle on a flat surface and take out a 20p to use as a measuring tool.
  • Put the 20p flat in the groove of the tyre.
  • Try this in several different areas on each of the four tyres. If the outer edge of the coin is visible, your tyres may be illegal due to wear and they will require a greater braking distance.

Driver safety is the responsibility of everyone, and part of that is taking the Class 5 MOT test in Stoneleigh and passing it successfully. Our experienced and professional staff can help!