Requirements of the Surrey MOT Test

The MOT test is designed to ensure your car is road ready. It is important to meet its requirements to legally drive your vehicle on the road. It tests your car for safety for both you and your riders, and the environment. At Elmwood Vehicles we understand the importance of making sure your car is safe for the road and the environment. We offer MOT testing in Surrey and nearby areas to ensure your vehicle is road ready. Our services are available for motor homes, mini buses, vans, sports cars, and other vehicles. If it is found that your car does not meet the proper standards, we have the diagnostic skills, tools, and knowledge that is necessary to ensure your vehicle can pass.

Requirements to Pass

There are several requirements that a car must meet to pass Surrey MOT standards. Externally, there should be no excessive damage to the body and structure of your vehicle. We also check for signs of corrosion that could affect safety. Some of the road safety qualifications include functioning seat belts, tyres, suspension, brakes, signaling, lighting, and steering. We also ensure the driver has a proper view of the road by checking mirrors, windscreen, and wipers. To meet environmental standards, your car must not produce harmful exhaust and emissions.

Making the Repairs

Regardless of the reason, your vehicle is not meeting the Surrey MOT test standards; our skilled team of professional can do more than just fix your car. We can ensure that it is functioning at its highest potential. At Elmwood Vehicles we can perform diagnostics and make necessary repairs. Why should you shop around for your MOT needs? We can be the only stop you need for MOT testing, diagnostics, and repairs in and around the Surrey area.