The Difference Between Car Service and Car MOT’s in Worcester Park

We at Elmwood Vehicles provide both car servicing and car MOT in Worcester Park, which often causes customers to ask us what the difference between the two services is. While both have the common goal of keeping your vehicle in roadworthy condition, there are some key differences:

What Is the Car MOT?

Depending on where you live within the UK, any vehicle which is over three or four years of age must pass the car MOT test. Testing for Car MOT in Worcester Park is performed by trained professionals such as us here at Elmwood Vehicles, and it is done to ensure two key elements:

  • The test proves that your vehicle is safe
  • The test proves your vehicle meets environmental standards

When we perform Car MOT in Worcester Park, we look at a variety of components, including:

  • General car body and structure checks
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Exhaust and emissions
  • Seat belts
  • Corrosion checks

Where Car MOTs and Servicing Differ

An MOT test is used only to inspect your vehicle. Our MOT testers, as well as those from other garages, are unable to dismantle or strip any of the components of your vehicle during the testing.

In some situations, a car MOT may force a vehicle owner to invest in car servicing and have certain repairs done in order to legally drive their vehicle within the UK. In many instances, the MOT test will indicate a potential issue with the vehicle though it may be one which does not affect the passing of the test. These issues can often be resolved by a car servicing.

Given that an MOT test and a vehicle servicing often check the same elements of a vehicle, we often recommend that our customers book a testing and service together. This may not only save you money, but it will also save you another trip to the garage over the following months.